Udine - Italy

Yan Bertoni

I am an Italian self-tought photographer from Udine. I discovered my passion for photography in 2011, when I started getting into landscape photography during my travels. Since then my horizons have broaden, and I enjoy merging people and the landscape and exploring that connection. This journey has then led me towards beauty photography, and I finally discovered my love for portraits and shooting in the studio. I have collaborated with multiple make-up artists and stylists, always supporting each other's ideas and endeavouring to take the best shots. Lately I have rediscovered my interest in film photography, and I have been experimenting with my new and old cameras.

I am a keen traveller. All my trips are done backpacking and camping: I love the "on the road" feeling, and I believe it is the best way to truly discover and experience a place. In recent years I have travelled to Northern Europe, first in Iceland then all the Scandinavian peninsula, and I have fallen in love with the landscape of the North and the Aurora. Before discovering the big cold I have travelled widely in Peru and Bolivia, in Morocco and Kenya. I have an adventurous personality and love being outdoors and discovering places off the beaten track.

Some of my best portrait shots

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